Populus Release Notes v1.2.0

January 11, 2020

My side hustle, Populus, had a fantastic rookie season in 2019, serving over 750 customers, making over 1,100 items, raising $3,500---all while being profitable.

Building your own product forces you to integrate feedback from your early adopters. However, this helps remove emotional attachment to your work, and help improve your skills as a programmer by presenting new challenges.

I’m happy to officially launch Populus v1.2.0 today with the following updates.

New Feature: Ambassadors, Organizations, and Events

Without helpful volunteers and community organizers, Populus can’t exist. Each organization that partners with Populus will get a private page to post their own links for fundraisers. Representatives from the org will be able to create events, with an integrated Google Map, RSVP list, and Scoreboard for participants in the fundraiser.

Registered users can join groups to get updates from their events and fundraisers.

New Feature: Guest Contributions

One of the driving forces behind Populus is to change the way things are made, and it’s a lot easier to do so if you don’t have to login to pay for an item. Today, anyone will be able to purchase an item without registering for an account.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Reactstrap implemented for more consistent layouts
  • Password reset bug has been resolved
  • Validation added to login forms
  • New email templates for purchases and item updates


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