Populus Release v1.1.2

April 20, 2019

Populus now has Listers!

Listers are our partners that actually produce the goods. When you pitch into an order for your favorite designer or event, your payment will immediately get routed to their Stripe account. With money in hand immediately, the printers spend less time waiting for checks to clear, and more time serving up hot designs. Huge shout-out to Peak AZ Apparel for being our founding partner!

The following bug fixes and enhancements have been made:

  • Open Graph meta tags have been added for enhanced SEO
  • Password reset and Email Confirmation has been incorporated
  • You can now buy more than one item at a time!!
  • You can now get in touch with our partners by sending design requests!
  • The popup of other contributors for an order has been fixed
  • Garbage collecting cron task has been implemented
  • Terms of Service added to new user account creation


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